Comprehensive holistic dampness surveys
Non-invasive technology against rising damp... ideal for listed buildings and churches
Sympathetic building restoration
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Welcome to Core Conservation

Moisture is #1 Cause of Building Deterioration

We Investigate and Solve Dampness Problems

Our Services

1. Dampness

A building can be affected by many sources of moisture. We regard the dampness problem holistically and investigate all types of moisture.

2. Solving
Dampness Problems

Many old building owners have learned to "live with the damp". Not anymore! Our non-invasive building dehydration technology solves rising damp problems permanently.

3. Sympathetic

We advocate traditional building materials and sympathetic restoration methods. We understand that mixing old and new technologies can damage old buildings.

Why Choose Us?

Dampness Surveys

We do not charge for the initial survey because we would like know your building first. Our survey, however, is a very comprehensive one.

State-of-the Art
Moisture Diagnosis

We use cutting edge technology to diagnose moisture problems, building defects and leaks. The tools we use for diagnosis are best in the business.


We do not regard and treat dampness problems in isolation. We always look at the bigger picture to understand how it affects the building at large.

Rising Damp Remedy

We use a patented rising damp solution that does not require chemicals, drilling or invasive building work.

We Specialize In
Old Buildings

Old or listed buildings need special attention due to their age and historical - cultural value. A large percentage of our work in on listed buildings.

Building Restoration

We advocate building friendly technologies and materials. We know how important is for buildings to breathe, and the damages cement can do.

Our Range of Traditional Venetian Lime Plasters

MGN lime plasters embody tradition and art: they are made of natural materials based on techniques that have been passed on from master to pupil for centuries. Designed and produced based on traditional formulas, they combine research and technology, selected natural raw materials and artisan care into products of outstanding quality. Read more...


Paxton Cottage

We were recommended Core Conservation by professionals.

Following an initial consultation with an engineer, we installed the dehydration system into our Grade II listed Tudor cottage in October 2017. The Engineer returned only last week to evaluate changes to the severity of the rising damp in our walls since installation. After only 6 months there is a marked improvement in readings, some of which are 50% lower than those established at outset. We are very pleased with the findings and look forward to the next scheduled visit in 6 months’ time to learn of further improvement readings. Well done!

Kate S
Cottage Owner

Violet Cottage

I had an ongoing and very persistent dampness problem in my 1860s flint and lime worker’s cottage. My builders and I had tried everything possible to remedy this, working within the restrictions of the age of the cottage and its building methods and materials.

Core Conservation came to inspect the problem very soon after contact. At the meeting they did undertake the analysis of the affected areas and explained to the builders and myself how their damp proofing system would work, which was installed shortly afterwards.

Despite a very wet winter I quickly saw a change in the damp areas, which seemed to be drying out quite rapidly. The damp proofing system was installed at the beginning of an extraordinarily wet period and the walls appear to now be more or less dry, six months later, which was confirmed by the 6 monthly follow-up testing. The team I have been working with has all been delightful and I commend their patience, politeness and spotless working procedures.

Susan F
Cottage owner

Chapel House, Converted Listed Chapel

When we bought the house it had an electro-osmotic system fitted as part of the renovation work, when the floors have also been concreted. 10 years later there was still a musty smell and the plaster has been blown.

Chemical injections were not a solution for this house because of the structure of the walls and the holes also would look so messy outside. Your damp proofing system is working much better than the old system, it is certainly making the house drier. Neat, quick, easy solution and it has no running costs. There is no disturbance to the house, the equipment is very small, no tearing-down work involved, it works, so it's a winning solution.

Brett E
Chapel owner

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