Lime Waterproofing of Old Basements, Cellars

The Problem The primary challenge in converting underground areas into useful spaces is how to deal with moisture; how to keep water out from the building without causing long-term damages to the building fabric. Typical basement problems The main moisture…

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Condensation and Mould in Old Buildings

What is Condensation?Condensation is the liquification of invisible water vapours present in the air in contact with cold surfaces.Condensation is often associated with the growth of mould as the tiny liquid droplets (condensation droplets) on the surface provide bacteria the…

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Natural pozzolans are various powders, such as volcanic ashes and sands, which mixed into lime can make lime plasters salt-resistant, water resistant or even waterproof.
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Lime Thermal Insulation

Lime Thermal Insulation of Old (Solid) Walls

The Challenges of Insulating Old BuildingsThe energy efficiency of old buildings is a hot topic nowadays. Unlike new buildings which are designed and built with adequate insulation in mind, the retrofit insulation of old and listed buildings – especially the…

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Replastering Old Damp Walls

Older vs. Newer Buildings Older and newer buildings have been built very differently. Older buildings have been designed and built to be water permeable. Being built from breathable materials, it allows for a large percentage of the moisture to freely…

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Rainwater Splashback

Rainwater bouncing back from the ground or the plinth is another source of moisture that affects all buildings, especially older buildings built of more porous, water-absorbent materials.This can be recognized by a green discoloration occurring towards at the base of…

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Rerendering Old Buildings

As mentioned earlier, the ideal solution to the problem of driving rain in older buildings is a rendering system that is both waterproof and breathable.The technology of a traditional rendering system that fulfills both of these criteria originates from ancient…

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Old Buildings – Common Chimney Problems

Chimneys can be problematic areas of a property for several reasons. Chimneys are:Open structures: easily subject to rainwater ingressLarge, solid pieces of masonry: which can potentially store lots of moistureSubject to fire and large temperature variationsChimney ProblemsAs a result, here…

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