MGN Traditional Lime Plasters

MGN lime plasters embody tradition and art. They were born from the extraordinary experience of master restorer Naldo Busato, who specialized since 1980 in the production and reproduction of historic plasters, mortars, ecological paints, Venetian floors and traditional restoration materials, while also offering bespoke solutions.

MGN lime plasters are: 

  • Made of natural materials based on techniques that have been passed on from master to pupil for centuries. 
  • Designed and produced according to traditional formulas, they combine research and technology, selected natural raw materials and artisan care into products of outstanding quality.
  • Each raw ingredient of the plasters is certified to one or more EU standards, same as the final product.
  • No cement, no chemicals go into any of the MGN plasters, only traditional raw materials.
  • All plasters are premixed, ready to use, just add water.
  • 40 years of track record; they have been used worldwide on thousands of buildings and national heritage sites for the most demanding conservation jobs, including the Opera House of Venice (La Fenice),  Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Palace Te, Temple of Canova, Castle Agazzano, Monastery of Santa Maria do Colonna, Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca and thouands of other buildings, palaces and historic villas.

Product Line

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