NIGRA PADOANA is a prepackaged plaster made of air lime and natural hydraulic lime, that faithfully reproduces the historical mixture typical to the Veneto (around Venice) area.

With carefully chosen raw materials, faithful to historical originals, the outcome in an extremely breathable plaster, with a low content of water-soluble salts.

Depending on the type of masonry, e.g. stone, solid brick or new porous block – in order to improve the adhesion of the plaster or to better protect the masonry itself – the application of a base layer made of natural lime and pozzolans called RINZAFFO MGN might be necessary.

In order to choose the most suitable plaster type or combination thereof for your work, please contact our technical staff who would be glad to assist you with any questions.

Typical Applications

Renovation, Restoration, New build, Timber frame buildings, Straw, Hemp Blocks

Technical Data

Here is some key technical data. Please see technical sheet below for more information.

Granular size (mm)

0 - 4



Vapour diffusion resistance (μ)


Thermal conductivity (λ)


Compressive strength (N / m²)


Adhesion (N / m²)


Weight (kg / m³)


Consumption (kg / m² area / cm thickness)


Bag weight (kg)

25         (48 bags per pallet)

Water intake (l / bag)

4.5 - 5.5


  • Hydrated lime, with more than 90% calcium hydroxide (CL90S as per EN459-1 standard)
  • NHL3.5 Natural hydraulic lime
  • Cocciopesto (brick dust)
  • Pozzolans
  • Marble powder
  • Natural washed river sand, free of salts and impurities


Hazelnut (light brown)


Nigra Padoana MGN - Italian technical sheet

English technical sheet will be available shortly.

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