To solve rising damp, there are several potential solutions on the marketplace you can choose from. Here is a quick overview of the most important ones.

Which One Is Best?

Very good question. What you should probably ask: which one is best for me? It all depends on your own situation and personal preferences. There is no one solution fits all. Just like with cars. what is more important for you: budget, comfort or speed?

The same breakdown of the building fabric also occurs to some extent in depth only it's not that visible.

Paint Damage

Salt Deposits

Peeling Wallpaper

Damp patches or Tidemarks

Plaster Damage

Hollow Debonded Plaster

Building Fabric Damage

Some Other Real-life Examples With Explanations

Finally, here are a bunch of pictures form various buildings we have recently surveyed. You might might have come across some of this stuff in your own household. I will comment under each picture of the gallery to put things in context. Hope you find it useful.