SANACOLOR 2000 is a natural mortar that fits perfectly into the historical contexts. It is a plaster colored in mass with exceptional performance due to:

  • High moisture evaporation capacity
  • Resistant to frost and wind abrasion
  • Lasting over 20 years without maintenance.

As it's colored in mass, no finishing plaster or painting is necessary, saving time and money upon application. Available in 24 different colours, with other custom colours available at the customer's request.

Important: The application of RINZAFFO MGN is necessary as a base / scratch coat and adhesion bridge on all mixed substrates, on reinforced concrete or perforated bricks, or if rising damp is present or suspected.


Mix the contents of the RINZAFFO MGN bag with clean water to obtain a consistent mortar. Cover the entire surface with a minimum thickness of 5 mm of RINZAFFO. Wait for the scratch coat to set before proceeding with the SANACOLOR 2000.

In the presence of rising damp apply the base coat to a height of 1 m above the dampness line or level of visual degradation as described in the RINZAFFO MGN technical sheet (restoration steps 1 and 2), then wait for 48 hours before applying the Sanacolor 2000 coat.

Mix the contents of the SANACOLOR 2000 MGN bag with clean water. Apply a first coat of about 10 mm and level the surface. Wait for the first coat to dry and apply a second "finishing" coat of approx. 4 mm. Finish off the surface with a sponge or hard trowel depending whether you prefer a rougher or smoother finish.

If greater thickness is needed, additional coats can be added after the first coat, allowing enough time for the previous coat to set. Once the desired thickness is reached let the plaster body to dry, then apply the last (finishing) layer as described in the previous paragraph. If you wish to further protect the walls from rainwater, apply hydrophobic protection.

sanacolor 2000 mgn

Typical Applications

Rising damp

Technical Data

Here is some key technical data. Please see technical sheet below for more information.

Granular size

0 - 3 mm



Vapour diffusion resistance (μ)


Thermal conductivity (λ)


Compressive strength (N / m²)


Adhesion (N / m²)


Weight (kg / m³)


Consumption (kg / m² area / cm thickness)


Bag weight (kg)

25         (48 bags per pallet)

Water intake (l / bag)

4.5 - 5.5


  • Hydrated lime, with more than 90% calcium hydroxide (CL90S as per EN459-1 standard)
  • NHL3.5 Natural hydraulic lime, desalinated white
  • Pozzolans
  • Natural washed river sand, free of salts and impurities
  • Marble powder
  • Natural earth pigments


24 standard colours available, from light to dark tints - some of them are shown below. Custom colours can also be prepared upon request.

Please note: the use of natural earth colourings can result in chromatic variations from one production batch to another, therefore the colours below have a purely indicative value.

sanacolor colours2
colors 13 24