Welcome to our "Dampness" section. 

Dampness is one of the main causes of decay of old buildings. Most common moisture sources affecting old buildings listed below.

  • Rising damp: buildings are sitting on the damp ground. Over time, the porous building fabric can absorb a lot of moisture from the ground.
  • Condensation: the air around us carries a lot of moisture which can condense (liquefy) in contact with cold surfaces.
  • Penetrating damp: most common sources of moisture ingress include the roof or chimneys, driving rainrainwater splash-back from the ground, sideways penetration of moisture in cellars or basements, or from higher outside soil levels.  
  • Hygroscopic (salts-related) moisture: a less known, hidden source of moisture are the salts in the building fabric. Salts can bind moisture, hence a salty wall fabric can hold onto a lot of "hidden moisture" - a source of extensive damages.
  • Building defects: sometimes things also go wrong inside a building in form of a burst pipe or sewer line, creating additional dampness problems. 

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