Lab Test and Results

Experimental SetupWe have done an in-depth investigation on how damp masonry responds to artificially generated external electromagnetic fields. Using a commercial function generator we applied to our test wall a wide variety of regular and irregular wave forms and pulses…

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Background and History of the Magnetic DPC Technology

IntroductionMagnetic DPCs are the latest technical development in damp proof course (DPC)  technology.Magnetic DPCs appeared first during the 1980s in a need to address the shortcomings of previous DPC technologies. New scientific discoveries about Earth's energetic background, as well as…

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Construction and Working Principle of the Magnetic DPC

Here are some technical details about the internal construction and working principle of our magnetic DPC systems.Internal ConstructionOur units are passive (non-powered) systems, comprising of the following 3 modules:1. Energy Intake ModuleThe main role of the energy intake circuit is…

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