Condensation Basics

What is Condensation?Condensation occurs when moist air (usually warm moist air found indoors) comes in direct contact with colder surfaces (e.g. walls, window panes). It is more prevalent at the bottom of external walls and cold corners or in places where…

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Survey: Victorian Terraced Home

This building is from 1898 and it has been just purchased by a new owner, a building "enthusiast" who intended to refurbish it as part of a DIY project. The owner has just stripped the walls by removing all wallpapers…

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Magnetic DPC Benefits and Observed Effects on Buildings

Benefits of our Magnetic DPCsHere are some of the key benefits of magnetic DPCs:Non-invasive: non-invasive installation, no damage to the building fabricReversible: by removing them from the building, their effect can be reversedSafe, with no negative side effectsPermanent solution to rising…

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