A Brief History of (Lime) Plasters

Mortar is a building material that has always been assumed to exist. The first mortar dates back to the birth of man in the form of rudimentary mixtures of clay and mud. The real birth of mortars, however, is linked…

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MGN Traditional Lime Plasters

MGN Traditional Lime PlastersMGN lime plasters are all about tradition. They were born from the extraordinary experience of master restorer Naldo Busato, a third-generation Master Craftsman from the Venice area who since 1980 specialized in the reproduction and production of…

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Renovation Plasters

Older walls in need for replastering need special handling in any of the following cases: Building age: for walls older than a 100 years Rising damp: the building has/had rising damp, there are signs (at the bottom of the walls…

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