Here are some of our existing customers who have shared their experience about our company or the quality of work we have done at their buildings.  


We do a lot of research in our in-house lab on various dampness related phenomena, including the electronic aspects of moisture movement in porous materials, the drivers behind rising damp etc. Some of these technical videos are presented here.   

Rising Damp

Videos on rising damp in old buildings, discussing the scientific basics, the mechanics, its effects and various remedies to the problem. If you are still wondering whether rising damp exists you should find both pros and cons here so you can decide for yourself.

Magnetic DPC

Videos on the magnetic DPC, a non-invasive way of permanently solving the problem of rising damp in any old building. If you are looking for a solution for rising damp in an old building, then watch these videos.

All Technical Videos

Here are some short videos about real buildings we thought would be worth sharing due to their educational content. You will find here information about renovation, salts, surveying old buildings and best practices.

The Critics