MGN offers a range of products particularly designed for green-buildings, environmental sustainability and living comfort. The result of careful research and selection of the best natural raw materials to meet the tastes of attentive and sensitive professionals.

ArgiLolla MGN is a premixed mortar based on very high-purity air lime (over 90% calcium hydroxide), a small percentage of natural white hydraulic lime, and washed river sands without impurities. Due to the extremely high-quality raw materials it is suitable for bio/green buildings, both internally or externally.

Here are some of the benefits of the clay based plasters:

  • PROTECTS FROM ELETROSMOG: According to a study by prof. Schneider of Moncao di Baviera, 2.5 cm of clay plaster removes 75% of the radiation developed by a high voltage system. A wall built with normal raw clay bricks eliminates even 98%.

  • REGULATES HUMIDITY: It absorbs water from the air when it is too damp, and exhales it when the air is too dry. This way the relative humidity is maintained in optimal conditions between 50% and 70%.

  • VERSATILE: Thanks to the many properties of raw clay, it can be used in any type of construction, old or new.

  • SOUND ABSORBER: It has excellent sound-absorbing properties, especially in large rooms, where under normal conditions rumbles and unpleasant sounds could occur. Clay plaster absorbs low-frequency sounds, thus improving living comfort.

  • THERMO-REGULATOR: It has good thermal inertia so it keeps temperature of the rooms stable.

  • KEEP THE ODORS: Clay being a colloid, it can greatly reduce dust, gas and odours present in the air, keeping the environment healthy.

  • ANTISTATIC: The raw earth is statically neutral so it does not undergo such degradation over time as other materials, leading to material disintegration (inhalation risks). This reduces the formation of dust and contributes to the prevention of diseases of the respiratory tract, such as asthma and allergies.

  • FIRE RESISTANT: clay makes the fibrous aggregates of natural origin (e.g. straw) fireproof.
argilolla mgn

Typical Applications

Renovation, Restoration, New build, Timber frame buildings, Straw, Hemp Blocks

Technical Data

Here is some key technical data. Please see technical sheet below for more information.

Granular size

0 - 3 mm



Vapour diffusion resistance (μ)


Thermal conductivity (λ)


Compressive strength (N / m²)


Adhesion (N / m²)


Weight (kg / m³)


Consumption (kg / m² area / cm thickness)


Bag weight (kg)

20        (48 bags per pallet)

Water intake (l / bag)

4.5 - 5.5


  • Selected clay of highest quality
  • Natural washed river sand, free of salts and impurities (0-2 mm)
  • Rice husk




ArgiLolla MGN - Italian technical sheet

English technical sheet will be available shortly.