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Investigating & Solving Dampness Problems.
Building Friendly Renovation Solutions for Old & Listed Buildings

Core Conservation is a team of building conservation specialists, scientists and engineers under one roof, holistically investigating and permanently solving complex and often long-standing problems in older and listed buildings.

Old Buildings Made Easy
Investigating & Solving Dampness Problems

Solving all  Dampness Problems  with Breathable, Building-Friendly Solutions

We only advocate traditional, building-friendly and breathable materials and practices.

We understand very well the differences between old and new buildings in terms of architecture, building philosophy and materials used, and the damages non-breathable materials can cause to old buildings.

Long-Lasting Sympathetic Renovations

Building Friendly Renovations with Long-Lasting Traditional  Roman Lime Plasters 

With our authentic Roman lime plasters we specify and carry out building restoration work to overcome even the most challenging situations:

  • Replastering very damp & salty walls
  • Basement & cellar lime waterproofing
  • Slim high performance lime insulations
  • Low thickness breathable lime floors
  • Authentic Venetian floors and wall finishes
  • Solving persistent dampness problems
  • Restoration after flooding
  • Lime structural reinforcement
Investigating & Solving Dampness Problems
Trusted by Experts

 Award-Winning  Products, Solutions & Projects

We won numerous industry awards including the Homebuilding and Renovation Awards in the "Best Insulation Supplier" category, as well as the Build-It Awards in the "Best Innovation in Insulation" category. We have been named the Most Trusted Building Conservation Specialist company in 2023 and won the 2024 Specialists Award of Excellence.

Protecting & Preserving Old Buildings

Our Mission Statement

  1. To embrace, reinstate and promote traditional solutions, materials and practices for the restoration of old buildings, where those exist. 
  2. To research conservation friendly, non-invasive alternatives to problems with no traditional solutions, or where existing solutions do not meet 21st century needs and expectations.
  3. Through research take everything back to basics, to clarify, demonstrate and explain in plain English the various mechanisms, drivers and underlying principles of moisture movement in order to bring more clarity into this field.