Professional Dampness Surveys

A Holistic Approach on Old Buildings

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Professional Dampness Surveys

Every building is different. Different construction, different materials, different maintenance history etc. - although amidst all these differences there are many common principles.

We investigate every building holistically. With a thorough understanding of moisture movement, new and old buildings materials and renovation practices, with a wide array of specialist tools, we get to the bottom of dampness problems, identifying and highlighting their root causes.

Our friendly surveyors explain you in plain English what's going on, how the problem developed and what needs to be done to solve it. We discuss with you in detail potential remedies and timelines to permanently solve the problem. However, as always, the choice and decision about the what and when, is ultimately yours, but we are there to assist you.

Building Inspection

During this detailed 15-point survey we assess and investigate the following areas:

  • The structure and condition of walls
  • Building materials used
  • The pointing, rendering and plastering
  • Past repairs and their effect on the building, link to present problems
  • The salts content of the walls, often with a professional salts analysis
  • The condition of the damp proof course (DPC) and rising damp related problems
  • Chimney problems
  • The moisture content of the walls, areas affected
  • Water or rainwater penetration issues
  • The condition of drainage
  • Condensation problems
  • Potential heat bridges in the building
  • Elevations, their effect onto potential moisture penetration
  • Construction and condition of floors
  • Cellars and basements etc.

Sample Reports from our Dampness Surveys

After the survey we explain you in plain English the findings, answering your questions. If interested, we can discuss with you the potential remedies and solutions. However, the decision about which solution to implement, is always yours. We are also going to email you a detailed written report about the findings.

Here are some sample reports.

Get in Touch for a Dampness Survey!

If you have any questions or need any help with a project, a problem, a solution, or any of our plasters - please get in touch. Using the contact form below feel free to ask us any question. Give us as much detail as you can about your project so we can get back to you with more relevant answers. 


Here are some testimonials:

When Core Conservation came in for the survey they were very efficient, very professional. They went about their job in an unobtrusive way and at the end they explained exactly what the problem was and what it involved to fix it, and let us to think about it and consider it, and if we wish to go ahead then we could phone them.

John F

The comprehensive advice we received from your engineer about dealing with condensation was very helpful as it turned out we didn’t have rising damp. He gave this advice knowing that he wasn’t going to get any business from us which is remarkable. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to use this company if I did have a rising damp problem.


Amazing service! From telephone call to survey to receiving the report! The diagnosis was exactly what the issue is, all advice and information was spot on! Even after the survey any questions I asked were answered professionally and in rapid time! I am having serious problems with my council property and having this report really helped to get things moving! Thank you for all your help… I can not fault your service and highly recommend your company.

Kisha Boyce

Great service. Brilliant advice from the beginning, and I would recommend Core Conservation to anyone who has issues with damp. This system can save you a lot of money compared to other damp systems, if it is suitable for your damp issues.

Stella Cicek

Let me first say – they didn’t actually do any work – just came for a survey and to give me a quote. What a professional guy Val is. Spent 90 mins assessing the property to advise the damp course is OK. Very knowledgeable and gave me good ideas to tackle the water ingress problem. You want to know someone who is honest and reliable – Val is the man. Lovely guy and I couldn’t fault him.


Val was very quick in attending to our request for a visit to the property and quickly pointed us in the right direction about what was required to remedy our issue. We would most definitely recommend Val and will use his services again for any other jobs that we may have.


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Surveys - Drilled-Core (Gravimetric) Dampness Measurements

Drilled core measurements are considered the most accurate form of dampness measurement. Despite its slightly invasive nature that involves a small amount of drilling, it gives one a very accurate picture about the moisture content of the masonry. 

Surveys - Microwave Moisture Readings

The latest moisture measurement technology – microwave moisture meters – allow for non-invasive deep moisture detection in the masonry. Using specialized software accompanying these meters, one can visualize the moisture content of the masonry.

Here are some real-life measurements from various buildings. Red areas are damp, yellow/green areas are moderately damp, while dark blue areas are dry.


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