Intonacino Arenino MGN is a natural lime coloured finishing plaster, available in 24 colours. Highlights:

  • NATURALLY BREATHABLE: it is a natural lime mortar with a diffused porosity (with pores more or less evenly distributed throughout) that allows maximum breathability due to an optimal vapour exchange between the masonry and the environment.

  • STABLE COLORING: the colour of Arenino is obtained by mixing coloured aggregates and natural earths colourings, materials that are not affected by atmospheric agents or UV radiation. The aging process is identical to that of historical plasters: over time it acquires a softness or patina that enhances its decorative qualities, but the colouring is stable that won’t change or fade in time.

  • FITS HISTORIC AREAS: because it is a plaster identical to old plasters used in many conservation areas. It is a modern product that uses the same materials as ancient plasters.

  • ENHANCES CREATIVITY: it can be applied and finished with many techniques, from using a simple trowel to make it look like natural stone, to smooth and shiny finishes.


  • Before application, make sure that the base plaster is sufficiently dampened (depending on weather conditions) to ensure a gradual set.
    • Pour the contents of the package into the plastering machine without adding any other materials or additives. Add drinking water only.
    • It is advisable to carry out some tests to adjust the equipment and the consistency of the mortar in relation to the type of surface and climatic conditions.
    • For manual or machine application. Mix it for about 3-5 minutes until a homogeneous, creamy paste is obtained.
    • Apply the product in 1 or 2 layers of about 2 mm each and level it with a stainless steel trowel.
    • After about 20 minutes it can be finished with a sponge trowel.
intonachino arenino mgn

Typical Applications

Renovation, Restoration, New build, Timber frame buildings, Straw, Hemp Blocks

Technical Data

Here is some key technical data. Please see technical sheet below for more information.

Granular size

0 - 1.4 mm



Vapour diffusion resistance (μ)


Thermal conductivity (λ)


Compressive strength (N / m²)


Adhesion (N / m²)


Weight (kg / m³)


Consumption (kg / m² for 3-4 mm thickness)

2.5 - 5  (depending on finish type)

Bag weight (kg)

25 or 30         (48 or 40 bags per pallet)

Water intake (l / bag)

5.0 - 6.0


  • Hydrated lime, with more than 90% calcium hydroxide (CL90S as per EN459-1 standard)
  • NHL3.5 Natural hydraulic lime, desalinated white
  • Cocciopesto (brick dust)
  • Marble powder
  • Natural washed river sand, free of salts and impurities (0 - 1.8 mm)
  • Natural earth pigments


24 standard colours available, from light to dark tints - shown below. Custom colours are also available upon request.

Please note: the use of natural earth colourings can result in chromatic variations from one production batch to another, therefore the colours below have a purely indicative value.

sanacolor colours2
colors 13 24