Buildings are subject to several sources of moisture from both inside and outside - the main moisture source being the environment. Depending on a number of factors - such as age, condition of the building fabric, various environmental factors etc. - one or more of the moisture sources can be present.

Getting to the bottom of the problem is not always easy nor obvious. To find the real source of the problem takes experience, specialist tools and often lots of perseverance. Especially on external walls moisture sources often overlap and without proper tools it can be difficult to determine whether the dampness problems are due to condensation, rising damp, some pointing issue, rainwater penetration or a combination of all of the above.

We thoroughly investigate all dampness problems - not in isolation but in a holistic way. We know that unless the real cause of the dampness problem is identified and addressed in a building-friendly way, the problem in the future will re-appear, often in a more severe form, as incorrect intervention often harms or damages the building in some way. 

While quick-fixes can alleviate a problem in the short run, older and especially listed buildings need to be dealt with correctly, using traditional materials and techniques and a non-invasive approach wherever possible. We are well aware of the specific dampness problems old buildings face and how to permanently solve them in a building-friendly way.

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