Fortified Church of Prejmer

I recently spent some of my holiday in Transylvania where I visited several old churches. Here are some interesting facts about the Fortified Church of Prejmer.


The fortified church of Prejmer is one of the most important medieval historic monuments in Transylvania.

The church was founded by the Germanic Teutonic Knights, and then was eventually taken over by the Transylvanian Saxon community. Initially Roman Catholic, it became Lutheran following the Reformation.

Due to this strategic position, the church was strongly fortified in the 15th-16th centuries. High, strong walls were built and surrounded with a water-filled moat. The circular walls are up to 5 m thick and reach nearly 12 m in height. The circular walls surround the church, while a second and smaller wall sits atop the arched passage at the entrance gate. Other defensive features include five towers and a battlement.

On the interior side of the wall, there are four levels containing rooms and storage space and backed by the battlement. The over 270 rooms could offer shelter to some 1600 villagers in case of attack. Entry into the complex is made through a 30 m long tunnel protected by a portcullis with wooden grilles strengthened by iron and powerful oak doors.

Recent Renovations

In 1993 the roofs have been repaired and the rooms restored. In addition, permanent museum exhibitions have also been created.

In 1999 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Val Juhasz

Val Juhasz is an Engineer with a Master’s Degree from the Manchester Business School (MBS). He is the co-founder of Core Conservation Ltd, specializing in building dehydration solutions, pioneering modern non-invasive building solutions that can be safely applied to old or listed buildings. He regularly attends conservation workshops in the UK and abroad. He held numerous talks and CPDs on damp remedy throughout the UK.